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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked Questions on our platform.

  • Start by creating a flow. After you've customized and configured your flow, assign it to a "Widget installed on your site" in the summary page of the flow.
  • First, create an account on Cubeet and signup. Then, create and enable a widget and add the widget code on your website body or head tag. Make sure to enter your website link if you want the widget to only appear on your website only and can't be used on other website. To remove the widget, simply unassign any flow assigned to the widget by setting the widget drop-down in the flow summary page to "No Widget" mode. Then save the changes. Your widget will be hidden from your website.
  • Click the schedule link at the top of the tabs list. Then on the modal that appears, choose the widget you want to schedule flows on. After you've choosen a widget click the "Go to schedules" button to open up the calendar page, pick a day space on the calendar, pick start time (when the flow will start showing) and end time (when the flow will stop showing) and click the "Schedule now" button. To remove a scheduled flow, simply click the flow on the calender and click the "Remove schedule" button.
  • First, on the overview page of your Cubeet acount, click on the summary icon on the action column of the particular flow row. This will nivigate you to the flow summary page where you will find all customizable attributes of the flow. Always click the "Save changes" button to save your changes after customization.
  • Click the "Create new flow" button and after being navigated to the templates page, pick an already created template to edit or simply click the "Create from blank" button to create your flow based on your needs using the design blocks and already designed cards.
  • There could be many reasons why your widget isn't showing up on your website. Here are a few of the common ones.
    Your widget is not properly installed on your website.
    In order to display widget on your website, you'll need to install the widget script tag on your website. The script tag should be added within the HEAD OR BODY tag of your website's HTML code. Please contact support if you need any assistance.

    Your flow is currently in "UNPUBLISHED " mode.
    In order for your flow to display, it will need to be in the "PUBLISHED" mode. Please go to the flow customization page to make sure the flow status is turned on else simply click status toggle button on.

    You have a JavaScript blocker enabled in your browser.
    You'll need to remove any ad blockers from your browser and also make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.